USF Professional Development for Music Teachers

Branching out on Guitar: Improvisation, Chord Shapes, and Great Tone!

Playing the guitar can still be as life changing as it ever has been in the lives of aspiring young musicians. However, many times we as teachers teach it in ways that minimize the instrument’s potential impact. This session is for guitar teachers of all skill level and pedagogical ability, to be inspired and feel empowered to take their own playing and teaching to the next level. We will be learning how to jam in some cases and learning how to facilitate jamming by exploring alternate chords shapes and scales that lend themselves well to most genres of music. Tone will also be explored via pedal effects, effects units, the iPad, and desktop computer. Input of participants will lead the flow of the session. Please bring your own guitar if you have one. We will have an instrument for everyone who does not have their own. This professional development opportunity is geared for everyone.

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